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Current fee structure (updated July 2nd 2018):

Permanent Before School Care


Permanent After School Care


Casual Before School Care


Casual After School Care


Vacation Care: 

Flat Day Rate – $40.00 plus costs of all incursions and excursions

Late Vacation Care Submittance – $37.00

Other Fees & Charges:

Annual membership fee, per family


Deposit Bond (refunded when the family leaves the centre)


Non-cancellation fee for aftercare, per family


Late fee (after 6.00pm collection, per minute)


Childcare Benefit (CCB) information

CCB is income tested, families can receive weekly fee reduction or lump sum payment at the end of the financial year. The Childcare Tax Rebate is not income tested. The 50%  tax rebate is for parents or guardians who are working, studying or training and to help families meet theirs out of pocket childcare costs. Families must register by contacting the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 136 150 or by visiting one of their offices and giving the

Centre Provider Numbers

Before Care 555 007 010B
After Care  555 006 679J
Vacation Care 1-V7MP18

Setting Fees

  • Fees will be reviewed each term based on attendance and the centre’s ability to meet the running costs. Parents will be given at least 2 weeks notice of any changes in the fees.
  • A current fee schedule is available from the Director.
  • The Centre is approved to offer Child Care Benefit (CCB) to eligible families. The centre operates under the Child Care Management System (CCMS). Please contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 6150 to register.
  • The Director will ensure that all necessary forms are available and to inform parents of the availability of CCB and the Child Care Rebate.

Membership fee

  • Each family is required to pay GOOSH a non-refundable annual membership fee of $55 per family prior to processing their application enrolment.

Deposit bond

  • Each family is required to pay a refundable deposit bond of $50 prior to processing their application enrolment. This money will be held until the last 2 weeks of the year or when the child leaves the centre.

Fee payment

Parents may select the method for the payment of Permanent and Casual fee bookings from the following 2 options.

Option 1:

  • Fortnightly Direct Debit, from a nominated bank account or credit card (only Visa, or MasterCard accepted); paying two weeks in advance.
  • The Direct Debit (Ezidebit) forms will be given to all families on enrolment.
  • Fees will continue to be debited from the nominated account each Friday fortnight and will appear on the statement as “schoolcarefees” or as “Ezidebit”, if paid by credit card.
  • At the beginning of each term, families will receive a fee timetable with the direct debit dates for the term.
  • Parents are to complete a change of Direct Debit Details form if banking information changes.
  • There are no additional costs to each family for fees debited from a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union Account. An additional cost of 2.2% will be charged for fees debited from a credit card account (Visa or MasterCard accepted only).
  • A dishonour fee will be charged for the direct debit of Childcare fees returned unpaid.
  • Fees are to be paid for the days the child is booked into the centre, including times when the child is absent due to illness, holidays and cancelled bookings. CCB is paid for the first 42 days of absences without evidence.
  • Two weeks prior notice in writing is to be given to the Director for any changes to the days of care or cancellation of care for fees to be waived. If 2 weeks notice is not provided to the Centre, fees will continue to be charged.
  • Families will be emailed a four weekly account statement. The statement will include the fee charged per session, the CCB paid (if applicable) by the Family Assistance Office, including the total number of CCB allowable absent days used to date.
  • All records will be kept confidential and stored appropriately. Parents may access particulars of their fees at any time and information given in writing upon request.

Option 2:

The Permanent fees for the entire term can be paid in full by the first week of each term; by cash, cheque or Direct Debit. Casual bookings can be paid per session by cash, cheque or Direct Debit on the day of the booking.

Non-cancellation fee

  1. A booking for aftercare must be cancelled by the parent/guardian on or prior to the day of the booking. This can be done in writing on a cancellation form, over the phone (leave a message on the answering machine) or by fax
  2. If the child is not cancelled, the parent will be charged a non-cancellation fee of $10.00. This fee will be charged to the parent’s account and is payable by cash, cheque or by direct debit within two weeks of the charge.

Overdue & outstanding fees

  1. Parents are encouraged to discuss any difficulties that they may have in paying fees with the Director, who will discuss and make suitable arrangements for payment of fees.
  2. If a family’s direct debit of fees is dishonoured, the family will be notified by the Director and payment will be required immediately by cash, cheque.
  3. For families who have chosen to pay the full term fees in week 1 of each term and who have failed to pay will immediately lose their child’s permanent bookings at the centre. The child’s bookings will be on a casual basis to be charged at the casual rates and be required to be pre-booked per day (the child cannot be dropped off at the centre without a prior booking). All casual fees will be payable on the day of each booking by cash or cheque. The family will receive a letter from the Parent Management Committee notifying them of the cancellation of their permanent bookings and the casual fees payable.


After 1 week outstanding:

A reminder note will be provided to parents regarding outstanding fees.

After 2 weeks outstanding:

A pink letter will be provided to parents reminding them to discuss any problems they may be having in paying fees with the Director and informing them that their child’s place will be cancelled if suitable arrangements to pay the fees cannot be made within the next week.

After 3 weeks outstanding:

If fees are more than 3 weeks outstanding and no arrangements have been made to pay the fees or the agreement made has not been honoured by the parent the child’s place will be cancelled and the details of unpaid fees will be referred to the Parent Management Committee to commence debt recovery procedures.

Parents with outstanding fees at the end of the school year will forfeit their child’s place for the following year. 

Late Fees:

  • Children must be collected by 6pm.
  • The centre must be contacted if you are delayed. Any parent who collects their children after 6pm will be charged a late fee of $5.00 per minute as set by the Parent Management Committee.
  • If after half and hour the centre has not been notified by the parent and the nominated contact persons can not be reached, the child will be taken to the Gladesville Police Station.
  • If late fees have been charged three times in a term, a letter will be sent to the parents informing them that the child’s position will be made vacant.

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