Gladesville Out of School Hours Inc.

We all look after each other

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Our service is run by a fantastic group of volunteer parent’s that form the ‘Parent Management Committee’ (PMC). The PMC is responsible for the overall operation of the service including: employment, planning and policy, development, accountability and reporting, publicity and public relations, maintenance of premises and all financial and legal requirements. Their responsibility also includes active participation in monitoring the day-to-day operation of the service.

Please refer to the table below to see who makes up our 2018-2019 team of dedicated parents.

President Ingrid Chippendale
Treasurer Renee Bates
Secretary Maria Laura Sam
Public Officer Rosetta Gaw
Committee Member Andrew Balestro
Committee Member Sarah Arnold
Committee Member Sophie Bowyer-Pont
Committee Member Kirsty Scott
Committee Member Karen Leonard
Accounting Team Custom Data Solutions

Should you have any concerns/complaints regarding the operation of the service, please seek contact details for the PMC members from the Director or Assistant Director, on premises.