Gladesville Out of School Hours Inc.

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Gladesville Out of School Hours Inc offers a balanced developmentally appropriate program that is split into 3 age groups consisting of K-1, 2-3 & 4-6 children. Our program is stimulating, interesting and exciting, allowing opportunities for children to play, explore and develop new skills. The GOOSH team promotes the importance of play in a child’s life which is reflected in our program.

We provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities, quite and active times, as well as structured and unstructured activities. This allows for variety and choice, which fosters individual and group interest, needs, skills, talent and abilities of all children.

Within our program, we aim to promote the cultural diversity of our local and wider community. The children are also encouraged to be actively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the centre program through:

  • children meetings conducted on a daily basis
  • children feedback obtained on a daily basis
  • child profiles & observations of each child conducted termly
  • record of emerging interests obtained from each child termly
  • educator run clubs such as Art club, Sports club, Sustainability club, Cooking club, Colouring & Calligraphy club, Dance club, Breakfast club

The GOOSH team believes the most important aspect of the program is to provide an environment which will foster children’s self esteem and make all children feel welcome and valued at the centre, ultimately, creating a sense of belonging.

GOOSH’s Program, Menu, Philosophy & Birthday Charts are located in the centre on the Parent Communication notice board in the hallway and on the outdoor notice boards.

Please do not hesitate to approach staff should you wish to further enquire about our program 🙂

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