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About Us

Aims and Objectives

The Centre

  • To provide a comfortable and supportive environment for parents, educators and children and strive for open communication and good relations between all parties
  • To provide a clean environment.
  • To provide a caring environment.
  • To provide a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • To ensure any children are leaving and returning to the centre safely for after school activities.
  • To provide high quality care.
  • To have equipment and facilities that are suitable to the needs and abilities of the school aged child.
  • To encourage good nutrition through the provision of nutritious snacks and by modeling healthy eating habits.


  • To provide for the needs of parents who are working, looking for work, studying or need care on an occasional basis (when available).
  • To open for hours that allow parents to travel to and from that place of employment or study.
  • To make parents feel welcome and valued.
  • To accept and value every parent regardless of race, cultural background religion, sex or ability.
  • To help them feel confident in the centre’s quality of care for their child/ren.
  • To keep them informed and updated in issues relating to the service.
  • To encourage parent involvement in decisions on policy and programming issues.
  • To encourage open communication between parents and the centre.
  • To maintain positive relationships between parents, educators and management.
  • To meet the current needs of parents through continual update and review of relative issues


  • To accept and value every child regardless of race, cultural background religion, sex or ability.
  • To maintain positive communication and relationships between educators and children.
  • To encourage individual interests.
  • To foster children’s independence and self help skills.
  • To provide children with opportunities for self-expression and self-direction.
  • To provide an environment that will foster the child’s self-esteem.
  • To help children develop self discipline skills through positive example and direction.
  • To help children to be involved in the planning implementation and evaluation of activities in the centre.
  • To develop and implement a balanced program that is stimulating, interesting and exciting which allows for opportunities to explore and develop new skills.
  • To develop a program suitable for all ages which is appropriate to the developmental and leisure needs of all individuals and reflects the centre’s cultural diversity.
  • To provide a place for children to play with friends.
  • To encourage children to participate in decisions about the centre.
  • To provide a place where children can build positive relationships with adults.


  • To create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for the staff therefore encouraging personal initiative and co-operation.
  • To create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for the educators which encourages personal initiative and co-operation.
  • To help develop mutual respect, courtesy and understanding for all.
  • To provide support and assistance where needed.
  • To provide relevant training and development.
  • To ensure educators are aware of all expectations and duties.


  • To develop positive relationships with local schools, local councils and government and maintain open communication between the schools, neighbours and other relevant groups in the area.
  • To provide for the changing needs of the local community.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of residents around the centre in relation to parking, noise and other considerations.
  • To ensure the cultural diversity of our community is valued and respected.
  • To develop positive relationships with the local schools, local council and government.
  • To maintain open communication between the school, neighbours and other relevant groups in the area.
  • To keep the relevant groups informed of any major changes within the centre.
  • To keep up to date with any current issues in the local area.
  • To participate, where possible in the community events.

Service History

The centre was originally established by a group of working parents for Gladesville Public School in 1979, it was located in the old sandstone cottage which was in desperate need of restoration.
In 1989 an establishment grant of $100,000 was secured by an active group of Putney Public School parents and the newly elected member of Gladesville Mr Ivan Petch. The purpose of the grant was to establish a centre within the Putney School’s grounds. However, a school community decision as to how and where the centre would be located could not be reached; as a consequence, a joint schools committee was elected with representation from parents and Citizens Associations of both Gladesville and Putney Public Schools. It was decided to use the $100,000 grant to restore the old stone cottage on the grounds of Gladesville Public School for the purpose of a shared facility to be known as the Gladesville Putney Before & After School Care.  In 2010 work began to establish a separate centre at Putney to meet the growing need of both school communities.  On 6 June 2011, Putney Out of School Hours began operating at Putney Public School, resulting in each school having their own independent out of hours care facility.

Staff Education

GOOSH believe that the quality of the service is developed through continual training and development of the staff. We aim to provide staff with encouragement and support to further their skills in the out of school hour’s field.

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